These women are working hard to create these beautiful bags for Etcetera, etc. I am so excited to bring this brand into the shop! HandMade in the heart of South Africa! Check them out! http://www.missibaba.com

Missibaba is a luxury accessory design label established five years ago by leather aficionado Chloe Townsend. Passionate about South Africa and supporting local industry, Chloe opened her Studio in the heart of Woodstock where she could surround herself with the best craftswomen in the country.

Combining technical skills learnt at the London College of Fashion with an inherent passion for uninhibited creativity, Chloe created the inimitable Missibaba brand. A playground for all things leather, Missibaba continues to experiment with texture and colour continuously pushing the boundaries of imagination.



Pastel Dreaming

Something about pastels makes me think about my girlishness… Like macaroons or something. I consider myself very girly. I love pink, glitter and pretty much all ruffles and confetti! Not sure if my childhood had anything to do with it because my nickname was “Pinky”… But I meet mothers all the time and they dress there little girls in blue and hate pink! That’s crazy to me.. because I love all shades of girlieness including pink! Do you love or hate pink?

Etta James


Etta James died this morning in Riverside California. She was 73.  I have been playing her music in the shop all day just to be able to feel her. “I’d rather go blind” is one of my all time favorite songs. Yea it is one of the saddest… but I love the soul that is put into it. I am saddened that such a legend is now gone. Rest in Peace Etta James you will be forever missed and never forgotten.

Do Good


Do Good or Not to do good…? That is the question…

My momma always said that “if you are kind and respect others as you would want to be respected then you can do no wrong” I really try to live by this and to honestly just do good. But, sometimes its hard when there are others out there that dont feel the same. Why? I am kind to everyone…  I am tired of being taken advantage of for my kindness. I must find a equal balance…

Giraffe Play!


I’m sorry that I didn’t post all weekend… It just somehow got away from me. I personally love elephants and giraffes! Something about the spots on giraffes get me so inspired with prints! The photos at the top of this post with the women… I think are gorgeous! The colors, prints, overall esthetic, and of course the head pieces!! Make me want to go to Africa Badly!! Have any of you been to Africa? Write me and tell me your most inspiring moments there…! or.. Just take me please!!

Honey! Honey!

Oh Honey, Honey!! I am a really firm believer in “Life is what you make of it” and “Everything happens for a reason. But, MAGIC… that is something so different. I think it might all roll in to one but who knows… sometimes you can feel and see the magic around you? at one particular moment you just feel bliss in someway… those moments make you incredibly grateful. I am very grateful for the people and the magic in my life. Write me and tell me about some of your magical moments!!

Tribeza Ad

Every month Etcetera, etc. dedicates a certain budget to advertise with a local publication. We have chosen Tribeza since September. Seriously the most response I have ever gotten from advertising is from readers of Tribeza. Definitely worth the budget. Customers come in constantly and say “OH! I have read about you” or “I have seen your ad in Tribeza”! Which is AWESOME! That means that advertising works. You just want the customer to remember seeing you some way or form that interests them enough to come in. Or at least have that connection! Well, this is the new ad for February which is called the “romance” issue! Let me know what yall think?!!