God is it important to be with someone that makes you happy. Everyday is different. I feel like if your with a really great person then the days just go by so much easier. I would fight so hard for happiness. I love to smile and laugh (laughter is key!) I love that if I’m having a rough day I can just look at him and smile It makes me want to smile right back at happiness!~ Its also so important that you make yourself happy at all times so that in return you get some of that back. So! here’s to everyone that’s out there and happy. Fight for what you love and don’t choose anything but happiness and laughter! Life is just too short.

Upcoming Designer: The Crowned Bird


One of my dearest friends Priscilla has launched her own clothing line! I couldnt be more proud of her! I think the line is so creative and well put together. The styles and prints are so whimsical and on point with trend. I love it. With out a doubt The crowned Bird will be one of the fashion industry’s must haves. So keep her name in your head and go check out her just launched website! http://www.thecrownedbird.com Way to go Miss Priss!

Fragile Feelings.


Our Minds are such fragile things…. – I think that it is so important to “feel” I have been having alot of these moments lately. Just because you feel something doesn’t mean you should speak on it… YOU FEEL ME?? Anytime I get upset I like to think about it at least for a night or 24 hours before I react on it. I don’t like how some will just fly off the handle and say things that they cant take back even when I know they didn’t mean it. Why even go there? Do you agree with me?