Try New Things. New Year. New Perspective.

Try New Things

I am so glad that the holidays are over. Yes I love gearing up for the shinagigans…. Buying gifts… Seeing sparkles! But when its right around the corner.. I am already done. So whew! Hello New year! I didnt really make any resolutions but I do want to get more organized in the whole “money” category, bake on sundays, and except love in any way I can. Life is too short and LOVE is so powerful. That is one category that I will not cut myself short in! Oh! and NO judging! I am tired of people judging when they are not happy in there own life. Really though… Who are you to say whats right and whats wrong. Do what makes you happy. And like my image says…”I will try everything once… Twice if I like it”! Happy Day guys! ( Sorry for my rant :)

Fragile Feelings.


Our Minds are such fragile things…. – I think that it is so important to “feel” I have been having alot of these moments lately. Just because you feel something doesn’t mean you should speak on it… YOU FEEL ME?? Anytime I get upset I like to think about it at least for a night or 24 hours before I react on it. I don’t like how some will just fly off the handle and say things that they cant take back even when I know they didn’t mean it. Why even go there? Do you agree with me?